Some criticism of Freegal: positive and negative

The Librarian and Black has posted as to some of her experiences with the Freegal service and her opinion as to its value to libraries. The comments section contains some spirited debate.

Just say no to Freegal


Freegal music service for libraries

Highlights of the Freegal Music Service

•Millions of songs from ten thousand labels including the labels of Sony Music Entertainment.

• Tens-of-thousands of popular artists in hundreds of musical genres.

• Easy-to-use website interface with no software to install.

• DRM-FREE, Mp3 files that can be played on ANY device (including iPods).

• Simultaneous access to all music for all patrons.

• Multiple plans to fit any-size budget!

• Simultaneous releases of chart topping music.

• Eliminates the costs and headaches of circulating audio CDs.

• Full reporting and administration center to manage the Freegal Music Service.

Record collector buys CBC Vancouver’s vinyl motherlode

[edit for broken link]

Jamie Anstey has just purchased the mother of all Vancouver record collections – CBC Vancouver’s record library.

And that’s records, not com-pact discs. About 50,000, in fact: 37,913 LPs, 11,780 45s, 492 78s and 462 records that are listed as “miscellaneous.”

The collection had been built up since 1958, but was put up for sale when the CBC decided to centralize its music archives at a “virtual music library” in Toronto.

The purchase price was not disclosed, but is believed to be in the $10,000 range.

The library also included 31,000 CDs that the CBC is donating to two unnamed public institutions. The CBC tried to give away the records, but found no takers, so sold them.