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The purpose of is to track and preserve the Twitter activity of Canada’s public library systems and those that engage with them over Twitter. We track this information to further our understanding of how Twitter is being used by different library systems and what can be learned from the statistical analysis of this information. We preserve this information because it belongs in the public domain and should be retained independently of both Twitter and the public libraries’ own archives. To this end we are adhering to principles of open data archiving and stewardship. Tracking commenced on February 28th, 2012 and will continue indefinitely. This data is used for personal edification and research purposes only and will not be modified, sold, or changed in any other way.

This tool is intended to benefit the tweeting library community at large and to provide new insights into the twitter behaviour of Canadian public libraries. Comments, suggestions, and criticism are welcome and can be communicated directly via the contact us form.


Relocation/Dismantling of the UBC Music Library

Music Library collections

Plan to relocate UBC’s music library opposed

A plan to relocate UBC’s music library to a different part of the university’s Vancouver campus has outraged students and faculty.

The university hopes to cut costs by moving the entire collection of materials stored in the UBC School of Music building to the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Music-library staff positions are also to be reduced to three from six.

However, members of the university’s music community are concerned about the removal of the library from the music-school building and have voiced opposition to the plan.

“The location of the library is important for us,” Richard Kurth, director of the UBC School of Music, told the Straight. “We use the collection intensively throughout the day and we’re constantly accessing it.”

UBC music community gathers at town hall to keep library in-house

By: September 19, 2012, 11:30am PST

UBC’s music library could move to a new home, and some members of the School of Music aren’t happy about it.

UBC plans to merge the music library into the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre in order to save money and space, but the School of Music community thinks the move will harm their program’s quality and reputation. Music students, faculty and alumni packed the Roy Barnett Recital Hall on September 18 for a town hall meeting to voice their objections to the change.

UBC plans to move the entire music library collection, which currently sits on the fourth floor of the Music Building, to the third-floor book stacks of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. UBC also plans to reduce the number of music librarians by half, from six librarians down to three.

“The theme of the presentation is ‘Libraries are changing’; the subtitle could easily have been, ‘But budgets are not growing,’” said Melody Burton, deputy university librarian, at the town hall meeting.