Leak suggests 10-year plan to digitize documents


Library and Archives paywall delayed until fall

An internal document from Library and Archives Canada suggests the department is considering a paywall to help pay for digitizing its content, but that plan has been delayed until at least the fall.

Part of a plan posted on an archivist’s Tumblr blog involves a 10-year agreement with non-profit group Canadiana.org.

“The agreement … provides for 10 years of exclusive rights for Canadiana to monetize the collections in exchange for making them accessible online,” the document said.

The proposal was supposed to be announced on Friday, according to the document, but Heritage Minister James Moore said during Question Period Tuesday it’s being delayed because of the recent resignation of former Library and Archives head Daniel Caron.

“Now the new president, when he comes in … probably this fall, we’ll look at the digitization aspect. We’ll look at these questions and make sure that Library and Archives is modernized in a way that will benefit all Canadians,” Moore said.