Heard in the Small Public Library

Three girls of about nine years of age stroll into the children’s section:

“The Library! Oh No! We have to do a craft!”


Rogers Removes Digital Magazines From Canadian Libraries, No Longer Accessible with Zinio

Rogers removes digital magazines from Canadian libraries


The Globe and Mail

Published Tuesday, Nov. 05 2013.


Visitors to Canadian libraries will no longer have access to free digital magazines from Canada’s largest publisher.

Magazines Canada, an industry trade group, advised Canadian publishers to walk away from an agreement with the company whose software makes the publications available because of delivery problems. Rogers Media complied, and its magazines are no longer available on the popular Zinio app.



Rogers Removes Digital Magazines From Canadian Libraries, No Longer Accessible with Zinio.


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Here’s a list of some of their French and English language consumer and business press publications:

E-readers in the library and hopefully out of it

My library is introducing an e-reader lending program. The price of e-readers has dropped such that this is practical for a library in a community of our size. This is a good article about our new program, however it does adopt the cliche of libraries being strangers to new technology.

Library embracing new technology with e-readers

By SHERI REGNIER January 30, 2014 · Updated 11:48 AM


(Librarian Sam King demonstrated the versatility of the Trail and District Public Library’s new e-readers set for community circulation in a few months. Options on the portable device include large text and with the tap of a finger, a page can be bookmarked or turned. / Sheri Regnier)


How a future library will look is anyone’s guess.

But in this digital age, a library might become less about lending a book and more about transmitting text through less traditional sources.

The Trail and District Public Library reports an exponential increase of tech-savvy users in the last few years, aided by the addition of 12 public access computers, along with the circulation of electronic materials increasing by 63 per cent.

As local library users become more familiar with digitized information, the modern way to access materials through e-readers could mean books, CDs and DVDs become an antiquated resource for future readers.

The current 5,000-square-foot Trail facility is packed with countless tactile resources, so in response to not just a lack of space, but to keep up with the times, the library has added 10 e-readers to its stock of portable devices, and tens of thousands of books to its electronic library.


Big Library Read Part 2: “Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth”

Overdrive is repeating it’s Big Library Read e-book program. This time it’s a J e-book

Fancy Nancy Finds Her Way to Your Library

As part of the Big Library Read program, your library will be featuring “Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth” in both eBook and audiobook formats from September 16th – 30th. During this two-week reading period, Book 1 from the Nancy Clancy series will be available for every patron that wishes to read it—no holds, no waitlists.

By participating in the Big Library Read, you can join a global movement of passionate readers and library patrons who support the availability of eBooks and audiobooks at your local branch.

Big Library Read eBook

Statistics from Overdrive’s Big Library Read: “Four Corners of the Sky”

Some statistics from the first Big Library Read coutesy of Library Journal:

OverDrive’s Big Library Read Boosts Checkouts, Sales

By  on May 28, 2013 

The Four Corners of the Sky, the 2009 Michael Malone novel promoted during OverDrive’s Big Library Read ebook initiative, was checked out almost 24,000 times from May 15 through May 23, according to preliminary data provided by OverDrive and publisher Sourcebooks. The title’s position on Amazon’s Sales Rank charts also rose dramatically during the promotion’s first nine days, moving up more than 50,000 spots from 67,198 to 16,798. The program allows any participating library to feature The Four Corners of the Sky on its OverDrive home page and enable simultaneous access for all patrons from May 15 through June 1.

“We want to demonstrate once and for all the enormous influence of the library demographic, and that when libraries put an ebook in their catalog it serves a valuable role in increasing exposure and engagement with an author’s work,” Steve Potash, OverDrive’s CEO, told LJ when the project was first announced on May 3.


After peaking at 3,321 on May 16, the second day of the promotion, checkouts have leveled off, remaining in a consistent range between 2,400 to 2,600 per day.